About Agwa Taka


The Journey of Life

In many ways Agwa Taka is an average Spokanite. But that’s only half the story

March 12, 2013

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By all rights, Agwa Taka should be dead.

If starvation didn’t get him as a kid in Ethiopia, then disease, three wars, childhood slavery and a year in a hellhole prison certainly should have done the job.

But here he is, up at 1:30 every morning, drinking a cup of coffee, the snow melting outside his kitchen window and cars passing in the distance on Grand Boulevard. Agwa (“AWG-wah”) listens to the news on the radio. He pets his dog Rosco, filling his bowl with kibble as the mutt looks back at him with a tonguey grin. He pulls on a pair of jeans, hiking boots and a polo shirt. Continue reading “About Agwa Taka”

Amend Music Center Celebrates 30 Years


Thu., Nov. 4, 2010

By Sherry Kenady

In 1980 Robin and Debbie Amend opened Amend Music Center with a basic goal of wanting to help people play music.

It was a tough year. A few months after they opened, Mount St. Helen’s erupted. “Nobody was out in Spokane during the clean up. No one could even drive. We were just barely getting started,” Robin Amend said. “I don’t know how we even made it,” his wife Debbie Amend added.

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