Professional Instrument Discounts

At Amend Music Center we feel that a professional instrument is not a commodity. It is a member of your family.


We carry many of the top American Made professional instruments. Our discounts are among the best in the nation and, on some models, are the best in the nation. All purchases of professional instruments include two years of free maintenance and repair. We are not able to include prices on our website but would encourage you to call us for our best price at the time. We feel that the purchase of a musical instrument is not like buying a book from Musical Instruments are much more personal than that. We have been successfully selling professional instruments to discriminating customers since 1980, and would appreciate the opportunity to advise you on your decision.

Music is our life and we know how you will come to love your instrument, not as a commodity, but as a member of your family.

You will find links on this website that will connect you with many of the manufacturers that we buy our instruments from and we suggest that you look through their websites and call us so that we can help you make this important decision. Compare our prices and see for yourself who you would prefer to purchase your instrument from.

Scodwell USA (trumpets)
Read Dan Keberle’s letter to Tony Scodwell praising the new Scodwell trumpet

Backun Music Services




Eastman Winds

JR Music Supply

NS Designs

When you have found an instrument that you are interested in call us and we can give you personal anecdotal information and possibly put you in contact with professional musicians that are familiar with the model you are considering. Thank you for your interest in our store.