We rent only high quality, brand name instruments that are either new or have been thoroughly adjusted and sterilized. Everything you pay on our rental program applies to the purchase of the instrument. All maintenance and repair are included for free. There is no extra charge or insurance ‘policy’ for repair or maintenance. Please read through our contracts. They are short and to the point. We don’t believe in small print and hard-to-understand wording. There is no back side to our contracts. If you have any questions, please contact us at our North Side store 877.483.0276 (locally at 483.0276) or our South Side store 509.456.0376.

Rental contract Strings 2023

Rental contract Band 2023

Amend Music Center includes a month to month rental program to all qualified applicants. Everything you pay applies to the purchase of the instrument. Ask for our latest Band Instrument ‘month to month’ contract. We can send you a payment book so you can mail your payments, or for your convenience, we can automatically deduct your payment from your credit or debit card.

We also have a School Year Lease program. On this program you pay for the whole school year in advance. This program saves you money over the course of the year and still applies to purchase. At the end of the year you can either return the instrument, pay off your instrument or convert your contract to a ‘month to month’. We even have pre-pay options that may interest you. Ask for our latest School Year Lease program information.

The Amend Music Center String Instrument ‘month to month’ rental contract is slightly different. Orchestral String Instruments come in various sizes depending on the size of the student using the instrument. There are three sizes that are most commonly used. The size of instrument the student uses depends on the size of the student. Either the teacher at the student’s school can measure them or we can do it at the store. There are half-sized instruments and junior violas for the smaller students. When the student requires a larger instrument they move up to the three-quarter sized instrument and the intermediate viola. Eventually all students that stay with it will reach the full-sized instruments and one of several sizes of full-sized viola. Because all students will eventually reach the full-sized instruments most people do not want to buy the smaller instruments. To compensate for this Amend Music Center’s program allows you apply half of everything you pay on smaller instruments toward the full-sized instrument you will eventually require as long as you rent continuously to that point. Once you reach the full-sized stage everything you pay will apply to purchase just like the band instruments. You have the option to use the School Year Lease program or the month to month program. Our contracts are available for download (see above).